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Professional Tile Installation Hiring Must Know

Professional Tile Installation Hiring Must Know

Tile installation can be a difficult task, as one need to be accurate in terms of measurements and the amount of tiles one needs to cover the floor properly without any gaps or spaces left in between. However, there are a few aspects that every individual needs to keep in mind before they start the installation process.  Remember that tile installation is a challenging process and that is why there are professionals to help you with the process.

The steps that one needs to consider are mentioned below:

  1. Make sure that the surface on which the tiles needs to be installed is prepared properly. The surface needs to be clean and smooth and in case the surface is not smooth enough then one needs to make sure that all the necessary repairs are done on time. The surface should be repaired and leveled properly so that there are no uneven areas or spaces. Moreover, all the appliances or other equipment needs to be removed so that they don’t cause any sort of hindrance in the installation process.
  1. Second step is to start off with the layout of your tile installation. In order to install the tile properly one needs to mark the center point of every wall in every room. All the necessary adjustments need to be made so that the intersection that is demarcated on the floor creates perfect squares. After the lines are properly demarcated the next step is to place the tiles on the floor that are adjacent to one another and once the tiles reach the wall, make sure that tiles are cut properly in order to fit them perfectly.
  1. The third steps is to apply the adhesive on the floor, however one needs to ensure that the tiles are applied within 30 minutes of applying the adhesive or else the it won’t be effective enough. Adhesive should be applied in smaller portions as if larger area is covered with adhesive then a problem might arise where the adhesive dries off quickly thus causing trouble in the installation process of the tiles.
  1. The tiles should be cut according to the requirements. In order to be more precise and accurate one needs to make sure that the measurements are marked properly on the tiles either with a pencil or with a felt-tip pen.
  1. After the surface is prepared the installation process of the tiles can start. The tile installation process should start by installing the tiles from the center of the room and every grid should be completed one at a time. It is better to use spacers between the tiles so that equal amount of space is left between different tiles.

However, the quality of the installation process might vary between cheap installation services or professional installation services. The price will also vary between the two hence the options should be carefully decided and considered upon. Here is a list of pros and cons of both cheap and professional tile installation in order to help the users decide which type of installation process they wish to have:

Pros of Professional Installation

  1. As professionals are expert in their field hence they will make sure that the work is done in the best manner possible. They will work faster than other cheap tile installation services that are available in the market. They will make sure that they complete the task within a particular time period and hence they will charge their customers based on the services that are offered by them.
  1. They ensure quality craftsmanship to their customers hence they ensure that they meet high standards. As they are in the constant competition of competing with their competitors thus they try to make sure that whatever services they offer to their customers are up to the mark and are better than their competitors.
  1. They are the most reliable installers that are available in the market as they know what the demand of the market is how they should go about the process.
  1. Professional installers also offer its users money back guarantee in case the customers are not satisfied by the services provided.
  1. They complete the task within a particular time period, which saves the time of the customer as well as of the company as well. You can save yourself the long hours and hassle of installing the tile by yourself. The pros work quickly and take care of the unexpected issues as well.
  1. Most of the tile manufacturers don’t cover the tiles that develop damage due to improper installation. Although professionals make sure that the installation is perfect but they provide you with warranty on any human error in installation. This means that you don’t have to worry about the quality of service.
  1. Professional tile installers are equipped with the special tools that are required to cut, set and grout the tile. This way they make precise cuts to fit irregular spaces perfectly.
  1. They take measurements and calculate the amount of material needed, so you don’t have to buy more tiles then needed. This results in fewer tile waste because of the incorrect cuts and broken tiles.
  1. As they are certified and have relevant licenses, you can expect experience, carefully planned concepts, attention to details and neat finish from them.
  1. They will ensure a solid foundation so your tile installation will not be botched.
  1. Professional tile installers also offer clean up and removal of debris services, so you don’t have to pick up all the mess after the installation.

Cons of Professional Installation

  1. As they are professional and they have a reputation to maintain within the market hence they can be expensive than other tile installers that are available in the market. The cost they are offering to access their services might not be in the range of the people who don’t have high incomes. Therefore, people might just opt for cheap services in order to save their money.
  1. Professional installers tend to have hidden costs as well which they tend to mention when all the work is done. If the customer is purchasing the tile from the professional installer then they need to make sure that the tiles are not very expensive. It is better to compare the cost of the tile that is offered by the professional installers with the ones that is offered in the market.
  1. They tend to charge their customers for every extra service that they are providing them, which means that the total cost of the tile installation process will increase continuously till the work is done completed.

Pros of Cheap Installation

  1. Cheap installation tends to be very cheap and hence everyone can easily afford it. They tend to deliver at very cheap rates and people can select the type of tile they want at lowest rate possible.
  1. As the process is cheap hence the cost of per room with tiles will be less as compared to the cost if is done by a professional installer.
  1. As there services are cheap, you can save on the installation services and can spend more on the tiles. We are not talking about the quantity of tiles but you can buy some quality tiles from the money that you will save on installation services.
  1. Cheap doesn’t mean bad always. There are some professional tile installers that offers their services for comparatively low price because they are new in the market. You can hire them and can enjoy both i.e. quality service and low rates.

Cons of Cheap Installation

  1. The major con of cheap tile installation is that the quality of work provided by the tile contractor or installer might not be up to the mark. It can be of low quality and hence the tiles might easily get destroyed as time passes by.
  1. Cheap installers are not reliable as a customer can never get an idea that whether the services that the installer is providing is of good quality or not. Neither they offer their customers money back guarantee, hence once the money is invested in the installation process, there is no return.
  1. Cheap installers hardly have any competition in the market hence they might take a lot of time in completing the task on time. If the end result of the work is not perfect then people would not be able to bring back the amount of time that is wasted.
  1. Hiring a cheap installer will become expensive for you in the long run as you have to keep spending on the maintenance time to time. We all know that with cheap installers we have to compromise on the quality of the service.
  1. As they are not professionals that chances are they might not aware with all the tiles installation services. Different tiles requires different techniques to get installed and that is why it is preferred to hire some one who knows about these techniques.


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  • Kitchen plus
    November 25, 2020, 12:35 am REPLY

    Great article regarding tile installation. Can definitely tell you guys know your stuff.

  • Mats Wolff
    June 10, 2022, 11:09 pm REPLY

    I agree that employing a cheap installation will cost you money in the long run because you will have to spend money on maintenance from time to time. I’d like to rebuild my kitchen this month because I recently purchased a new home. I’d want to contact with someone who can assist me in locating a good kitchen remodeling firm in my region. Thank you for writing this article!

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